​​Payment Terms and Conditions

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 To start the enrollment process a completed and signed copy of the Registration must be on file with Verion. Upon Verion receiving the class Registration students will be enrolled in their respective training class. To complete the enrollment process the method of payment must be on file (2) weeks prior to the class start date or as soon as possible to confirm class seats. We also require that each student provides a working email address prior to the class start date to 
administer Online Testing.

Verion Training Systems reserves the right to change or cancel any scheduled training dates. Verion will do their best to provide advanced notification if and when the scheduled training dates change. Verion Training Systems will not be held liable for any travel expenses, loss of income, or inconvenience caused by a cancellation. Verion Highly Recommends the Purchasing of Refundable Hotel Rooms or Airfare Tickets.

Please review the following payment terms and conditions:

  1. All payments are to be made in U.S. Currency.
  2. All classes will require a signed class registration to reserve the Quoted Price & Schedule and a copy must be file with Verion.
  3. All customers have (1) week from the requested Quote to confirm the price & dates provided.
  4. Customers providing payment to Verion for their selected class constitutes an agreement to the Registration Payment Terms and Conditions.
  5. Registration must be submitted to Verion via Email or Fax to the Training Coordinator to reserve scheduled dates and seats in class.
  6. Registration form and method of payment must be completed/ received by Verion No Later Than Wednesday prior to the class start date and or as soon as possible to avoid a late registration fee ($95.00).
  7. IPC Recertification’s; please attach a copy of the current IPC certification to the registration when enrolling for a class. All IPC certification(s) will be verified with IPC.
  8. Purchase Orders (PO) are accepted from new and existing customers, credit history required, please contact our training coordinator and request the necessary information to start the PO process;
  9. Purchase Orders (PO) Payments are due NET-30 days from the class start dates.
  10. Credit Cards: Verion accepts the following Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express.                    ​​​
    • Requested Data: See Class Registration pg.(3) Credit Card Authorization Form.
  11. Company Check/ Money Order payable to: Verion Training Systems, LLC
  12. Mailing Address:                                        4100 Alpha Rd.Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75244
  13. Refunds: Tuition fees will be refunded (less a $95.00 processing fee) when a Cancellation notification is received (15) business days prior to the start date of the registered class.
  14. Rescheduling: Upon notification, customers have (90) days from the registered class date to reschedule. Incomplete classes due to emergencies, customers have (90) days from the registered class date to reschedule. Any rescheduled registration that's rescheduled more than once is subject to a $50 administrative fee and must occur within the confines of the below cancellation policy.
  15. Retesting must be scheduled as per IPC guidelines and or within (90) days from the registered class date.
  16. Cancellation: Cancellation within two weeks of the registered class date the customer is responsible for 50% of the enrollment tuition fee. Cancellation within one week and or a No Show on the registered class date the customer is responsible for 100% of the enrollment tuition fee. Tuition fees will not be prorated for a refund. Upon notification to cancel an On-site class the customer is responsible for the advance purchasing of travel expenses/ accommodations and associated cancellation fees.
  17. If full payment is not rendered by the invoice due date, a 1.0% per month, not compounded, late charges may be assessed on the unpaid balance, commencing on the 30th day following due date.