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J-STD-001G Joint Industry Standard
​Manual Pricing : $168.00

Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies has emerged as the preeminent authority for electronics assembly manufacturing. The standard describes materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high quality soldered interconnections. The standard emphasizes process control and sets industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic products.

IPC-7711/7721C Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies
Manual Pricing : $347.00

​Rework, Repair and Modification Training and Certification Program offers a train-the-trainer program that teaches industry-approved techniques on through hole and surface mount rework, land, conductor and laminate repair. It also provides a flexible, highly skills-oriented training program with teaching materials that enable a qualified representative from your company to train operators on a variety of procedures.

IPC/WHMA-A-620C Cable Wire Harness Assemblies 
Manual Pricing : $200.00

Requirements and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies, the latest revision of the only industry-consensus standard and it includes new sections for safety wiring, safety cable, grommets, and raceways along with updated information across many of the sections. With over 700 photographs and illustrations, this standard describes materials, methods, tests and acceptance criteria for producing crimped, mechanically secured and soldered interconnections and the related assembly activities associated with cable and harness assemblies.

Verion Training Systems, LLC is an IPC Authorized Distributor. All program materials are published, copyrighted and distributed by IPC to either IPC Licensed Training Centers or Certified IPC Trainers, including but not limited to training programs materials, instructor guides, standards, examination materials and electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, and electronic files associated with training. Verion's current IPC materials is listed below. Please contact us for any additional items you may require.

IPC-A-610G Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
​Manual Pricing : $200.00

Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is the most widely used standard published by the IPC. With multiple language versions, it has an international reputation as the source for end product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability printed wiring assemblies. This certification will demonstrate your commitment to customer requirements and greatly assists any company dedicated to ISO-9000 or other quality assurance initiatives.

J-STD-001 Soldering Kit​​
Kit Pricing : $59.00

(16 PTH, 32 SMT components, 20 Terminal and 1 Bundle of 22AWG & 24AWG wires.)

IPC-7711/7721 Soldering Kit​
Kit Pricing : $99.00

(2 Fully Populated Boards, 22 PTH, 16 SMT components and1 Bundle of 22AWG wire.)