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IPC 7711 CIS Rework of Electronic Assembly 

Course Description
The IPC-7711 CIS Rework program covers common rework techniques. This course provides participants with a hands-on approach to the restoration of electronics assemblies, replacing electronic components with minimum impact on quality and reliability. 

The Rework program course curriculum consists of (6) modules. The CIS training is modular and only Module 1- Document Introduction and Common Procedures is the prerequisite to all other modules. Verion Training Systems teaches the following: Modules 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

This (3) day class covers the procedural requirements, tools, materials, and methods to be used in removing and replacing, surface mount and through-hole components. Other modules are taught based on a company’s specific requirements. An open book and practical exam will be given for each module taught and a 70% score is required to pass the module/ class.

Course Topics:

  • Module 1: Document Introduction and Common Procedures
  • Module 2: Wire Splicing: Demonstrate wire splicing proficiency.
  • Module 3: Through-Hole Components: Demonstrate proficiency in performing through-hole components.
  • Module 4: SMT Component Rework: Demonstrate proficiency for removing SMT components.
  • Module 5: SOT and Gull Wing Rework: Demonstrate proficiency for removing SOIC and SOT components.
  • Module 6: J-Lead & QFP Component Rework: Demonstrate proficiency for removing J-Lead and QFP components.
  • Module 7: PWB Circuit Repair: Demonstrate proficiency for repairing damaged circuit traces, termination areas, and plated through holes installations.
  • Module 8: Laminate Repair: Demonstrate proficiency of filling burned holes in laminate material, performing surface repair of damaged laminate, and repairing damaged plated through holes by eyelet installation.
  • Module 9: Conformal Coating Removal and Replacement: Demonstration proficiency for identifying, removing, and replacing conformal coating from PWA's.

​​Prerequisite/ Who Should Become Certified
Candidates should have soldering/electronics assembly experience, and should possess adequate soldering ability. Anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of reworked or repaired electronic assemblies should become certified-including trainers, quality supervisors, engineers and manufacturing supervisors with assembly responsibilities. 

What Students Receive

  • The IPC 7711-7721 Manual (Optional)​
  • IPC Certificate of Training (valid for 24 months)

Course Length: 3 days.
Class Size: Maximum number of students is Twelve (12) per instructor.
On-Site Training: Available Upon Request, Contact Verion: 1-877-837-4661