Course Description
Electronic Assembly training is perfect for new employees who will be handling assemblies. It's also the perfect refresher to reinforce best-industry practices for long-term employees. This training program is an excellent way to provide increased awareness about the invisible problems that can be caused by careless handling.

The Electronic Assembly training is an introduction to components and interconnections designed to provide the core knowledge to prepare students for careers in the electronics assembly industry. An introduction to operator safety training in electronics assembly covers personal protective wear; how to avoid injury from cuts and burns. It is also an invaluable tool for cross-training to help insure that every employee has a thorough understanding of their effect on end-product quality. Student will learn to identify (with the use of aids, visuals or actual components) packaging types of the most commonly used through-hole and surface mount components, interconnections and hardware used in electronic assembly.

This training program starts with a discussion of the importance of electrical testing; then provides a visual overview of a typical automatic tester. Explains the differences between in-circuit test, automatic functional test, functional bench test and final test. Details typical procedures for performing all aspects of in-circuit test and functional testing. Concludes with a discussion of reliability testing.

ESD clearly explains all the critical information your operators need to control static charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies. The Component ID training program begins by explaining the function of active and passive electronic components, reviews the basic through-hole and surface mount assembly processes, and covers component part numbers, bill of materials, component reference designators, markings, orientation, and polarity.

Modules include:

  • Overview of Electronics Assembly
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Component Identification
  • Handling in Electronics Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Test for Assemblies
  • General Safety in Electronics
  • Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP)

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What Students Receive

  • A student soldering handout
  • Optional workmanship PCB with components for practical exam
  • Verion certificate of training, valid for 2 years.

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Electronic Assembly Training