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​​​​​​IPC Certification Portal Issues​​
If you are having issues related to the certification portal, please visit the Help Desk. This is an easy way to quickly get your questions answered and issues resolved. IPC CQI staff monitors the Help Desk constantly and responds to the questions and issues as they come through the Help Desk. Questions on the Help Desk will be answered by visiting the 
Help - Support Page.

I just noticed I made a mistake on a Certificate that I registered in the portal, how do I correct?
Please create a ticket at the Help Desk on the IPC portal so that IPC can make the change for you. Please provide the certificate number, first and last name of student, contact ID if you have it, and what the new certificate should be.

How much are the online exams and how to order?
Certificates and exams will be paid for in advance by contacting IPC Customer Service Dept. Each order will be associated with a purchase order. After purchase, an invoice number will automatically appear in the invoice drop-down box when scheduling classes that will designate how many student you are able to enroll.

The product numbers are below. Your invoice will be deducted according to the number of classes scheduled. Same for member or non-members. 

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM-FAILED TESTS - 1st Retest is FREE/2nd retest is $45.00 per person, administrative fees are included.

Certification Quality Initiative

The purpose behind the CQI is to introduce users to the new online system and provide guidance on use of a number of new processes. CQI enhances the quality, security, and value of an IPC Certification. The IPC Certification Portal tool is projected to accommodate a wide range of computer operating systems and browsers, as well as tablet devices.​

The focus of CQI is an online examination model, where trainers can purchase multiple versions of Randomized exams. The new process will offer online testing and the ability to print exams directly from the site. Another advantage of the on-line testing is automated reporting that eliminates the need to submit training reports. Use the CQI systems to conduct testing on-line or with preprinted exams uniquely scrambled for each student per class.

Certification Emails: 
​The IPC certification team will no longer respond to CQI related issues via email. All CQI issues must be reported through the IPC Help Desk. Creating a user profile in the help desk will allow you to follow the progress on your ticket. IPC is aware of the issue of some classes not being submitted as well as many other discrepancies. IPC will be working around the clock to fix any issues that has come up. 

Quick Step-by-Step Class Set-up Instructions & video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hazlFdb4D8 

  1. Purchase online tests and certificates by contacting IPC for an invoice to start teaching classes.
  2. After you have purchased an invoice for you students, you will then log-in to the IPC Portal (certification.ipcedge.org) to set-up the classes.
  3. ​Mouse over "GO TO" tab in the menu bar for "VIEW/EDIT CLASSES" and proceed to "ENTER NEW CLASS".
  4. Fill in REQUIRED information for the class being taught. (RED**STARS MUST BE FILLED OUT)
    • Program (CIS)
    • Course Name (Depending on your Cert.)
    • Language (English)
    • Revision (Depending on Course/Cert.)
    • Select individual modules that needs to be completed (Mandatory modules already pre-selected as per IPC course)
    • Trainer's Employer (Be sure to select your companies name)
    • ​Exam Type (All exams are REQUIRED to be online; exceptions are instructed in "ONLINE PRINT WAIVER")
    • ​Start/End Date
    • ​Any other comments as needed then click "ADD" to finish creating class.

For more info, ​Download the Edge 2.0 Help Guide or visit the IPC - Help Desk.