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Course Description                                            
The Wire Preparation and Crimp Termination training class introduces soldering for Wires & Terminals and Hand Crimping. This (1) day course will utilize the J-STD-001 and the IPC/ WHMA-A-620 standards to discuss the assembly and inspection criteria regarding both of these training programs. Students will learn industry terminology, equipment familiarization and accept/ reject criteria for Wires and Terminals and Crimp Terminations.

This course will cover measuring and wire preparation for crimping to lug terminals and machine contacts. The hands on labs will include soldering and inspection of different types of terminal connections and Crimp Connectors but are not limited to wire prep of various gauge wires, crimp connections such as Stamped Open Barrel Terminal, Closed Barrel Insulated, Closed Barrel Butt Splices, Machine Crimps and Ribbon Cable Connectors.

This program provides 25% class lecture and 75% actual “hands-on” training in the lab applying the assembly procedures for the cable wire harness.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Crimp Terminations Cable/ Wire Preparation
  • Measuring and Stripping Cable Assemblies
  • Crimp Terminations
  • Insulation Displacement Connections
  • Inspect Cable Assemblies
  • Lug Terminal Crimping
  • Machine Contact Crimping

Prerequisite/ Who should become Certified
The WHMA-a-620 is the prerequisite and compliments the CIT or CIS student who needs to apply/ understand the requirements and practice the skills of the crimp criteria. Anyone involved in the cable wire harness assembly with limited hand soldering and assembly experience or those who want to improve their knowledge and raise their standard skill level. 

Who Should Attend
The 620B hands on course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Hand Crimp Tools and Terminations. This course is for anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of cable and wire harness assemblies including trainers, engineers, quality supervisors, inspectors and manufacturing personnel/ operators responsible for quality assurance.   

What Students Receive

  • Student Handouts
  • Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Kit
  • Verion Training Certificate of completion

Course Length: 1 day.
Class Size: Maximum number of students is Fifteen (15) per instructor.
On-Site Training: Available Upon Request, Contact Verion: 1-877-837-4661.

620 Optional Hands-On Cable Wire Harness Assembly